Thursday, 29 May 2008


I haven't been here for a while. A less disordered person would have left a message to say when i would be back but i wasn't really sure myself as to when that would be. Anyway here is a picture from my drawing a day book (turn your head sideways to the left to see it the way it is in the book. Unfortunately, after about drawing 12 I lost the book so the drawings a day have stopped until it turns up again. I have a habit of losing things. I can be sitting at a table doing something (eg drawing using a pen) and then five minutes later the pen has disappeared. I haven't left my seat or moved away - things just lose themselves around me.

Anyway the artwork inspired by packaging hasn't started yet (except in my head) but a few other bits and pieces have started to happen including a zine which is nearly finished. more news about that soon.

it's nice to be back here.