Saturday, 13 December 2008

posting posts

they're coming in thick and fast. but please note the bare pole in the background which still needs a bit of knitted outerware. this season's poles are wearing a variety of looks. fringes, flowers, beaded french knitting (anything goes). And look what happens to ordinary objects (like chairs) at Henshaws.



The poles are very sexy!

Jeane said...

your troops have won a solid victory! - I love the flower knit ups! - so girly!

Jeane said...

oh and ps....the new header is really good! very good!

Rosie Kearton said...

Wow what creativity!! Love the flowers and fringes! I'm still knitting! Like the 'disorderly' header to your blog too!!!

ArtSparker said...

Amazing new head -

wonderful photos -

Is a knare a knackered mare?

Chris said...

I'm so glad to be finally catching up on my favorite blogs, because THIS is not to be missed! FRINGE!!
Henshaw's? My mom used to work there, but it's gone here in California.

grrl+dog said...

shit shit


I may not make it in time..

need to clone myself.