Saturday, 6 September 2008

considerate thieving

yesterday i had my car broken into, the thieves had somehow managed to wind one of the windows down without damaging it, open the doors and take the radio. They left the Dolly PArton tape on the dashboard and left all my posessions (junk that i am going to take to a car boot sale to get rid of!). It's a bit weird to kind of feel grateful to someone who's done this for not causing you loads of hassle by smashing the window etc but strangely I do. I'm surprised they didn't leave some kind of customer comments card and if they had I would have written "A very professional job, causing minimum disruption. Next time would you kindly wind the window back up so that my car seats don't get soaked." If you are going to get your car robbed I highly recommend these thieves.

Anyway, it didn't stop our trip out in the miserable pouring rain. We went to a rather deserted [georgian i think] old house which is open to the public and i took these photos of the loos. They are a bit blurred because i seem to specialise in out of focus photography, i have a pants camera, and i was rushing because i was getting funny looks hanging round in the loos taking pics.


LostLuggage said...

Crap! Sorry to hear about your car...that's STINKS...considerate or not.

kate said...

You gave me a good chuckle over your considerate thieves story. I would love to see their faces upon recieving a customer comment card! I could have used these thieves years ago as a substitute for the thieves who broke my car window into a million little pieces to steal the leftover stuff from my yard sale. Unfortunately they also stole a beloved (and very expensive sleeping bag)!

I love your loo photos, especially the loo doors reflected in the mirror. It was worth the strange looks!

Kari Gibson said...

Hey cool blue photos! I rather like the out of focus ones, very effective.

Hey, they didn't want the Dolly Parton tape? They must have CD players in their cars, eh? If it is any consolation, I had a bad car day yesterday too.

Commiserating hugs,

Jeane said...

OMG! - so sorry!, however, your flare for storytelling is why I love this blog so! - how can I be laughing at such an unfortunate event?!

lynne h said...

lol!! i'm with jeane -- laughing at your unfortunate event because you tell it so well.

i love these photos. the blurry is perfect!!

Robyn said...

You are indeed lucky to have such thoughtful thieves. LOL... Like Kate I have only experienced the complete windscreen shattering variety. I admire your guts for taking photos in the loo. I think if I did this someone would flash a straight jacket at me.