Monday, 8 September 2008

unspectacular quirks


look at me with my pristine white table and flowers in a vase - well when the rozzers are due to visit to ask you about your car theft you don't want to risk getting arrested for crimes against tidyness so you stress out about it for two days and then rush round the house in a tidying and cleaning (well sort of cleaning) frenzy so that there's a vague chance they might consider you normal.

As a reward for having a completely clear, table and sofas (oh yeh) you treat yourself to a new notebook - just like the other 14,000 notebooks you have only this time your going to write in it for longer than just the day you bought it, you are not going to write just one 'to do' list in it and then abandon it on THE PILE in fact you're not going to buy another notebook until this one has at least 75% of its pages used. I think I can safely say this is one of my quirks which brings me to the next part of this post 6

The lovely Lynne Hoppe has taken time out from her magical forest walks and painting gorgeous vibrant paintings to tell us about 6 of her unspectacular quirks and has tagged me to do the same so here they are 6
4the notebook thing - as mentioned above
4the flower thing - buying nice flowers and taking them home and leaving them in a jug in the kitchen with the cellophane and price tag still on - (so you can't actually see the nice flowers)
4the list thing - there is order in the disorder and there's a lot of lists, there are even lists about lists.
4the piles of dust thing - sweeping up (occasionally) and leaving a pile of dust in the middle of the room - a similar pile (this time of soil) was recently spotted on the paved area of my garden
4the plastic bag thing - on the handles of doors with things in or as rubbish bags - it drives some people nuts
4the light pull thing - i think i could quite possibly be the only person on the planet with a bathroom style, dangly light switch in the middle of their living room (it's a long story)
right who's next? of course - who else?


Jeane said...

Oh my gosh - you make me laugh so hard! okay, we were both tagged and we both tagged Grrl+dog! - how funny!

Kari Gibson said...

Oh, dear I have to tidy too, visitors arriving at the weekend.

Love your quirks list - I do them all too, except the light pull thing. I would like to add: the dead fly collection, the candle thing (well, if I USE it then I won't still have it, will I?), the knicker thing (well, those old ones are just so comfy), the brown coins making my purse too fat thing, the buying books of stamps and losing them thing, the fluffy peppermints in my handbag thing... oh, I could go on...(and I do)..

LostLuggage said...

haha...that is a pretty notebook..too pretty not to wreck.

notmassproduced said...

jeane - maybe G+D will give us 12 quirks then??!!

Kari - i shud have tagged you!

Lostluggage - that's just what i was thinking!

lynne h said...

lol, kate! you did that so well!! you and jeane truly did stick to quirks -- i think i veered off... heh, evidently i have a hard time knowing what's a quirk and what's just stuff i do.

thank you for playing, thank you for making me laugh!! i have a serious notebook quirk too...

grrl+dog said...

you call them quirks? hey are all part of your charm, m'dear. Laughed about the cops.. did the sam myself wen my lap top was stolen,so they would not think I did an insurance job.

grrl+dog said...

UH oh! 12 quirks?? Lucky I have a few spare.

ArtSparker said...

Great list for assoication.
List secret: put a few simples tasks like teeth brushing and moving something from point a to point b, so as to get a sense of accomplishment when you cross those thingsoff-
Have seen piles of dust IN plastic bags at an an art gallery dated, and attached to some sort of framework. Don't recall the price of the item.
-Light pull: camouflage by hanging MORE things from the celing. Many more things.

notmassproduced said...

lynne - did you veer off? i didn't notice - it's just been fun finding out a bit more about people :o)

Artsparker - they were real art sparks - thank you - i love those ideas :o)

kate said...

Your list of quirks made me smile! I know what you mean about lists! I make so many lists and lists about lists. And do I ever actually check things off on those lists? Sometimes...