Tuesday, 14 July 2009

pink graffiti

i've been doing some stuff for a nine year old girl
and her granny

and, as my friend would say,
things around here have got a bit
(i love that word)

so when the spray paint and stencils
came out to play

it was hardly surprising that

the graffiti


I'll be baking cupcakes next.



ArtSparker said...

Fun stuff!

Found art blog said...

I like pink!! And I like spray paint and I like fairy cakes too!!


Kate Hanke said...

These are amazing. You do great work!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I say that I am not a lover of pink ... and yet am strangely attracted to it. :)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more eye pleasing that pink graffiti....well...maybe knit...but pink is right up there!

lynne h said...

woo! i love seeing all of this kate art!! so happy making... these flowers are very, very nice. and so is the stenciling.

hey, you know what i found the other day? the little glassine envelope you sent me with tiny treasures in it. i must stick these treasures somewhere...


Anonymous said...


I will swap you a gopping for a kerfuffel.

mistie said...

Hi Kate! Your pink is amazing. :) I love the IDEA of using pink, but it never happens. Great work.

mansuetude said...


i love it and don't know what it is... is that why i love it or is it the music of it almost mopping and almost popping but doing something oppping with a gop.


Anne said...

Hi there! Great stuff! I especially love the second piece with the heart on it! What's not to love about spray paint, pink graffiti, and cupcakes!?? :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I found your blog from Seth Apter's. Your layers and layers, stencils, and spray paint will bring me back often. Your art is amazing.

Debrina said...

Thanks to Seth's latest collaboration, I've found you! Yay!!! What a lovely blog and what wonderful art! I'll be back!!!!!!!

Curio said...

You are very good at the 'gopping' stuff. Perfectly pink!



♥ Ella Minnow Pea said...

This is simply fantastic!!! I LOVE PINK!