Monday, 6 July 2009


over at grrl's place there's some
amazing knitting action
going on and
we can help with her yellow escapade.
I've had an on/off relationship with yellow.
For ages i hated it...
someone told me my chakra was blocked.
I'm kinda over that now and it's funny
that all the flowers
my students gave me at the end of term
were yellow.
What were they trying to say?
Is there a message here or just a coincidence?
I especially liked these sunflowers
and it's so kind of them to give me gifts
for just doing my job.

I've even been crocheting yellow

and this one's for Grrl
(subject to me posting it in time)

Can you guess what it is?


ArtSparker said...

I can see part of a chain but I can't guess. A very bright post!

3rdEyeMuse said...

golden chain mail?!? can't wait to see it complete ... have a feeling you'll somehow manage to post it just in the nic-of-time. :)

must be a message ... something about the sunny side of life ... go figure.

Anonymous said...

A sunflower maybe? Whatever it is magnificent already!

Jeane said...

a yellow flower!??? - or the sun, or a smiley face or perhaps a lemon!

Jacky said...

I would never have guessed!!! A yellow, crocheted plug.
Must say yellow is not a colour that I "love", but I am going to knit up a yellow piece for Dnees's latest venture. Just visited her blog and saw the knit up installion at the National Gallery. Fantastic isnt it?
Thanks for popping by and visiting.

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

It's something for the toilet!!!

ba ha hahah! Now I really needed to see that right now...excellent'

Jay said...

I don't have any idea but one thing is for sure it's beautiful! I'm kinda excited to know what it is.
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