Friday, 25 February 2011

day off work, ignore chores, paint

not finished but at least they are started a few layers made
the main problems i find with my art
(apart from finding the time to do it)

whether or not to stick to one way of working:
knitting, making, sewing, painting, collage?
one style of working or different styles?
and what themes to explore?

i flit between so many things
and wonder if ever i should just stick to one thing?

does anyone else have these problems?


Rachel said...

Yes, I feel the same way. I've given in to doing a bunch of different things : )

Poetic Artist said...

Oh Yes...I think I also should stay with one thing but I seem to drift to many things.

grrl + dog said...

ooohhhhhhh momma!

I certainly do. So many mediums, so little time.

The thing I've discovered is that once you've found your voice, then it resonates through whatever medium you choose, so there is no crisis of sticking to one thing -

you ARE sticking to one thing - your own voice. Maybe that is why they call it a "medium" anyway, as it is merely a channel for your art to flow through.

Life of Cattoo said...

I say ooooohhhhhh too! These are great, lovely use of texture and colour. Remind me of rusting boats by the sea :-)

A rambling rose said...

good to be so honest - oh yes I agree with Grrl - so much to try and so little time but I enjoy thinking about it too!! Enjoy being you!

mansuetude said...

maybe its that the "form" fits the expression somehow, intuitively we know when to reach for certain ways of what i think is often a talk with my soul.

the paintings carry deep water.

Parabolic Muse said...


I try to keep in mind that I am blessed to be so inspired to do so many things! That I'm not closed off, but open wide to all the possibilities!!

Then I make a list of what to do next, and get on with one thing. Usually, I admit, it's painting. I LOVE ME SOME PAINTING.

rock on.