Sunday, 27 February 2011

untitled post

once paintings are started, almost finished or complete i like to pick parts out with a camera and make new compositions
i dont have a very good camera -
so these colours aren't quite the same

and no matter how hard i try
i cannot fathom the mystical ways of blogger
so that i can display the images
in the order that i want them

so in some sort of random fashion
here are a few mini compositions


scratchy bits

perhaps some shapes and lines
that i can use again or develop

this is almost finished..
but i wish i'd used oils
and not acrylic..
especially for the printed parts

i'm not into the plasticky
look of acrylic just now

gonna save up for some more oil paints

i'm enjoying painting again
and have quite a lot of other work
in progress from just a few 'stolen'
days avoiding other commitments

i'll show you them soon


Lynda Howells said...

love this work. if you want to put images in correct order try this. Click on the photograph link that then takes you to your photo's. Click on images you want and they will then be uploaded. Once you have the images you want. it will ask you to add selection. So then just click on image or images you want and keep doing this until you have uploaded all your images . Does that make sense?xxxlynda

Maki said...

LOVE your painting and mark making. They always give me a great joy to see :) xm

Kimmie said...

I enjoyed the random tour of your painting .... I like the idea of taking a closer look at the smaller parts that make up the whole .... really nice work!

grrl + dog said...

have you tried dragging te images down once they are loaded on?

it works sometimes for me when blogger is being obstinate.