Sunday, 4 December 2011

simple pleasures

I've learnt a lot recently.

More than I have ever learnt..

including degrees and masters degrees.

I've learnt about what matters in life.

I've learnt about courage and loyalty.

About friendship


its limits.

I've learnt about myself.

About daily rituals like lighting the fire and cooking comforting wholesome foods.

About making the most of life.

and sharing simple pleasures.

We'll be making the very most of this festive season

enjoying every simple moment.


Makiko Hastings said...

Hi K, your message is always so strong.
I could sod my degree study now and rather visit your cozy space! Sending you a big hug from mini maki.

e said...

How lovely to see you've posted again...I hope you are well and that this season will be magical for you and your loved ones.

lynne h said...

this is so beautiful, kate...


Carole said...

Yes, life is full with simple pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine - life becomes very very

real, every moment seems highlighted and underlined at these times.

love to you...

Anonymous said...

Much love to you and yours - a beautiful, thoughtful post gratefully received x

Shaheen said...

Wonderful words. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry Smyth said...

yes, yes, yes...what really matters in life...sometimes we need that reminder for we do tend to forget. Here is to the simple pleasures...the ones that matter!

Life of Cattoo said...

I love this post also, including the lovely photographs. I wish you a merry Christmas and I hope the New Year brings you much joy x

Julie said...

Sounds like a great plan! :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

Stumbled upon your blog via Lynne Hoppe's blog. I am sorry for your struggles. It is very hard to care for someone as you are. My sister died at the age of 43 at home from Multiple Sclerosis. She was wheel chair bound from age 24. Her husband cared for her all those years. I watched and supported as much as I could. I was nine years younger than her. I am a nurse. I think I know some of what your struggles may be. Just some. I've never had to care for my parents (yet). Thinking of you in the days ahead....

Found art blog said...

Just popped in and mini-caught up. Mega hugs - i have an uncle in a similar predicament..... Mouse cuddles your way.

DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

urbanascidades said...

Desejo a ti, teus familiares e todos os visitantes do teu blog um Feliz Natal. Aproveito para informar que dia 02 de janeiro estreia Urbanascidades 2012, igual mas...diferente.
Paulo Bettanin.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Kate,

I just came by and read your previous posts.... the one where you wondered out loud how you would go with everything on your plate and here you are doing it. What a poignant thing to see how you are finding your way... may your journey be enriched through all these things.

I have medication for thyroid problems but it has been consistent for some years I was sorry to see that you have had such a time with that... on top of everything else. The thyroid is so crucial for keeping one going ...i never knew till I had an episode of wrong treatment and stopped being able to walk properly, climb stairs etc after couple of months. My brain slowed down and I actually experienced the weirdest sensation of being without stress because of the complete slowing down of my functioning. That was the positive in an otherwise disorienting phase till we worked out it was the failure of the medication.

i hope that you are able to sort that situation of yours out as it will allow you more stamina to face the other things you are dealing with!
Wishing you peace this xmas and delicious shared meals, love and moments of tender joy.
Sophie x