Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Give away

As I mentioned earlier - I'll be moving house soon and I've started the daunting process of downsizing my art stash (it's quite a big art stash - the kind that has escaped and run amock all over the house). To help reduce the clutter I'm giving away a copy of Visual Chronicles to the person who gives me the best advice as to how i approach this challenge and reduce da mess. To be in with a chance of being the winner just leave me your top tip[s] in response to this post and I'll announce the winner next Tuesday.


mistie said...

my gosh, you are so smart. what a great idea.

I recently did two things to lessen my load so to speak...
One - donated certain items to the school where I work for upcoming projects next year :)

two - organized a swap with my artist guildies. so, since I am working on more journaling and less sculpture these days - I took lots of sculpture stuff to trade with me. Ended up with some nice papers, etc, but a lot less need to store some of those bigger items I can't imagine using for a while, and we had a blast together.

and finally, how kind of you to offer to link to me. I would be so honored if you did :)

mistie said...

oh gosh, then I forgot to say...
I am also doing this right now - cleaning up the art room.
I bought 7 drawer plastic storage bins that are tall with wheels. These are so great! one for papers and embellishments and threads, one for all my little metal doo-dads. and they sit right by my table while I'm working, then I can pull the drawers out and carry them with me too. I now can not live without them.

I'll post a photo later to show you. :) I'll be quiet for now.

Rosemary said...

Nice to meet you.
So glad you found my blog.
Your blog looks really great too!

LaY hOoN said...

I think I'll donate my unused art stuff to person whom love to use it.
Besides, I'll box up all my stuff accordingly with the label outside.

grrl+dog said...

First things first: thanks so much for popping in so I could DISCOVER you!Your blog has gone instantly on to my list of favorites as I love your attitude and what must be inside your head.
Now on to the Clutter thing:

My advice is GIVE UP!
1. Lets face it, you are an artist. Artists have stuff. They will always have stuff. I could say, hey, send out goodie bags of your stuff and hope you get better stuff back, in which case it wouldn't be stuff it would be TREASURES, and you cant throw that out.

2. Even if you make space, you know you;ll fill it with more stuff. Nature abhors a vacuum.

3. If you de clutter your stuff, you will have order, and then what will you call your blog; this ordered life? I don't think so. No one would come.

I say, embrace your stuff. Be one with your stuff. Swap stuff for other stuff and host a stuff swap.

Sandy said...

I'm not a big fan of storing stuff away. I like to see what I have. If you have shelving, you could have clear plastic bins to stack and store. If you are feeling like there is just too much, you could send it my way...lol
I think Mistie's idea of a swap or trade is great. Hope you find some help here. Best of luck!

Jacky said...

My tip is to "collect", I just cant bring myself to declutter as I love/need everything.
My advise is to just buy more clear containers so you see your treasures - that would be more orderly!

Not much help am I ?