Thursday, 31 July 2008

soul journal

not very good quality pictures i'm afraid but here's today's effort for the soul journal challenge. first i covered over the original artwork in the old sketchbook. i quite liked the page so it was quite a good lesson in not being materialsistic or sentimental to stick things over something that i liked. i chose a 'found' handwritten note to stick over the top and i punched a circular peephole on the bottom of the page (and the next one) and stuck a button to the third page. then i followed the instructions and wrote all over the 3 pages beginning with today i feel - after this the whole lot got painted in white paint leaving a few areas peeping through. Sarah suggested writing our name all over the book - i wrote it a few times and then drew some little pictures.


Sean said...

I really like how those turned out! And using old leftovers is a great way to go. I remember an early drawing teacher of mine encouraging us to keep all our drawing because they made good collage material

grrl+dog said...

oh now, you are selling yourself waaay short with those crappy can I go oooh and ahhhh when I cant even see them?
Oh and thanks heaps for asking me if you can link me.. I didnt bother to ask you... I just did. IS that bad blog etiquette? ha ha, either way, cheers!