Tuesday, 5 August 2008

cabinets, cabinets and give away winners

you would think a woman with this many cabinets lives in a big house ¬ but she doesn't. you might also think that she would not be tempted to say yes to another cabinet on 'freecycle' even before she had seen it ¬ but she was tempted and she said yes and for a few hours before she collected it, she imagined the new cabinet and dared to think that it would be the cabinet of her dreams and that somehow it would fit into her house (which wasn't really cluttered) and every time she looked at it she would feel the joy of finding such a unique article for free. she went to get the cabinet ~ it wasn't the cabinet of her dreams but she didn't say so ~ she bundled it into her car and drove away ~ she realised her mistake and at last she acknowledged the fact that there might be too many cabinets in her tiny terraced house (although they are all very nice). the new cabinet is now at the charity shop and the woman has learnt her lesson.

despite the cabinet antics - i have managed to do some tidying up - and i am pleased to announce that all my fabric is in one place de-de-dah. Thanks to everyone who responded to my giveaway challenge and offered advice about how to de-clutter. It was hard to choose a winner but I think Mistie's tips were the most useful so the Visual Chronicles book will be on its way to you soon. I would also like to send Grrl+dog something for her tempting advice (it seems you know me too well!). Woohoo!

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grrl+dog said...

ooh! Do I get that nifty book press I see in the photo? Thank you very much for the thought, I am flattered, and also covet ALL your cabinets. I have a couple very similar to yours, and the way that stuff is spilling out, well I can relate.