Tuesday, 12 August 2008

****you've seen the blog now get the zine !****

i've had so much fun doing this blog and find it such a great way to 'figure out my creative path' i've decided to do a zine as well. i'm only going to produce 50 of each issue * the first one * features art work about the global clothes industry. its in my etsy shop *$4.00* get yours [before saatchi snaps them up]


kate said...

Cool! And by the way, I'd be honoured to be linked to your blog. May I do the same?

lynne h said...

i ordered!

same as kate... i'd be honored... and (also same as kate) may i link to yours?

Sharon said...

Your blog and art is very interesting. I like your shoes and now I'm going to check out your etsy. Thanks for leading me here.