Monday, 8 August 2011

Holiday art day 2

day 2 was quite productive which is just as well as friends are coming ova days 3-6

and we go home day 7...not sure how much more creating I'll get done.

some of these are finished, some aren't

some of them are on surfaces I'd already been working on

before we came away, some aren't

I used the colours shapes and lines that most inspire me

when by the sea.


ELK said...

you got the colors spot on ..this is a wonderful series []

e said...

gorgeous colours! Thanks for your comment. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Julie said...

These are great....lovely marks on all of them!

Carole said...

Great lines. colours, and energy in each one. I especially like the movement in the 5th image. Happy holidays to you!

notmassproduced said...

Thanks Elk and Elizabeth for your comments about the colours...I'm surrounded by pale sky and sea and some of the stones and shells have purply tones in them so I guess they came out in these.

Julie - thanks for your visit...I don't know where to find you these days...I googled lost luggage but it came up with sites to reclaim baggage! Hope to track you down soon :)

Carole - thanks for your thoughts - it's always interesting to hear how people interpret things.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Anonymous said...

these are just wonderful - love them all.

Anonymous said...

nice spare lines and work..

the second to last one is my favourite..

notmassproduced said...

thanks Jill..glad you like them....yeah grrl ..that's one of my faves too :o)

Sue said...

lovely artwork! It seems we are inspired by similar things. Thanks for your comment on my blog.