Saturday, 31 May 2008

It feels like there is never enough time to make art and enjoy time with family and friends as well as keep up with all life's mundane tasks and go to work to earn the money and pay the bills.

But actually when I look back over the photographs I have taken over the last month or so I realise that, altough I haven't made as much art as I would have liked to, I have been slightly creative. I've been taking lots of photos, mulling over the themes I would like to make art about, tidying my work room, taking part in an online altered book round robin, started making zines, working in sketchbooks, taking photos and working in creative jobs.

It sounds boring, but to make more time for art I am going to have to discipline myself much more and make better use of my time.

Anyway, here are some pics of some things I've been making recently.....actually, no they're not here because i can't figure out how to put them here...they keep appearing at the beginning of this post.....U'll see them soon in a new post (disorder, disorder)

Thursday, 29 May 2008


I haven't been here for a while. A less disordered person would have left a message to say when i would be back but i wasn't really sure myself as to when that would be. Anyway here is a picture from my drawing a day book (turn your head sideways to the left to see it the way it is in the book. Unfortunately, after about drawing 12 I lost the book so the drawings a day have stopped until it turns up again. I have a habit of losing things. I can be sitting at a table doing something (eg drawing using a pen) and then five minutes later the pen has disappeared. I haven't left my seat or moved away - things just lose themselves around me.

Anyway the artwork inspired by packaging hasn't started yet (except in my head) but a few other bits and pieces have started to happen including a zine which is nearly finished. more news about that soon.

it's nice to be back here.