Sunday, 27 February 2011

untitled post

once paintings are started, almost finished or complete i like to pick parts out with a camera and make new compositions
i dont have a very good camera -
so these colours aren't quite the same

and no matter how hard i try
i cannot fathom the mystical ways of blogger
so that i can display the images
in the order that i want them

so in some sort of random fashion
here are a few mini compositions


scratchy bits

perhaps some shapes and lines
that i can use again or develop

this is almost finished..
but i wish i'd used oils
and not acrylic..
especially for the printed parts

i'm not into the plasticky
look of acrylic just now

gonna save up for some more oil paints

i'm enjoying painting again
and have quite a lot of other work
in progress from just a few 'stolen'
days avoiding other commitments

i'll show you them soon

Saturday, 26 February 2011

more layers and thanks

its the weekend
and i'm not
work or study
or a million jobs
need doing
why wait until courses finish,
houses are tidy
(let's face it that'll never happen)
until lessons are planned
and essays are written?

i have a feeling that if i put art first,
everything else will slot into place.
Or if it doesn't
I'll be happy making art anyway.

Thank you
to those who commented
about the post below
it's good to be reminded
that I'm not the only one
from one thing to another
Grrl's right,
the media we choose
are just different channels
our creative voice.
Any comments about
my creative voice
are very welcome.

happy weekend

Friday, 25 February 2011

day off work, ignore chores, paint

not finished but at least they are started a few layers made
the main problems i find with my art
(apart from finding the time to do it)

whether or not to stick to one way of working:
knitting, making, sewing, painting, collage?
one style of working or different styles?
and what themes to explore?

i flit between so many things
and wonder if ever i should just stick to one thing?

does anyone else have these problems?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

some pages from my new note/sketchbook
just doodles really I've been messing around with watercolour
something I haven't really used much in the past
most of the lines are drawn with ball point pens
something I have used a lot in the past
i love using cheap materials to draw with
this one is wax crayon and felt tip
I'm counting the days till i finish my current studies and
have a few less work commitments
and have more time to blog and make art
life's too short not to spend time doing what you love

Monday, 14 February 2011

sticker and book love

Forget smoochy nights, rose and chocolates.
I have fallen for my new
Lotta Jansdotter
stickers in a big way. I've been in love with stickers for a while
(If I could fight my way through all the debris
in my studio I would show you my sticker drawer,
brimming with stickery goodness).
These are just


some of them are in my new
moleskin like

The notebooks with little pockets to hide stickers in.

with nice lined paper just waiting to be scribbled on

just look at those end papers.mmmmmmmm.

did i mention i like stickers and books?
I hope your valentine's day is filled with such gorgeousness.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


its ages since i've been around here -
let's just say that my work/life balance
has got seriously out of control.
its nice to get back to doing a titchy bit of art...

and have a few of those moments when the paint just flows
and the marks just come intuitively

these are the marks that came after a trip to accident and emergency

they are marks that say i am relieved to be alive

The other good news at the moment is that little William
from the post below is doing well after his liver transplant.

I'm hoping that by summer I will be back to doing more art and blogging more.