Wednesday, 29 July 2009

wHat wOuLd yOu do wiTh thiS?

well this is what i did (i might do something else too) in my humble Paint programme. I've put a linky list over on the right somewhere so you can check out what everyone else does - so give me a nudge folks when you are done and i'll add u in.
Thanks for joining in :o)

Monday, 27 July 2009

wHat wOuLd yOu do wiTh thiS?

One of the things that most fascinates me about art is how you can have a group of about thirty people give them the same task and they all come up with something different. It's amazing.
This is a collage and paint background i created. I was about to work over it but then i wondered what other people would do with it. So if you have the time, download this image and work your magic with it. Just remember to show us what you do!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

more digging


I reckon Seth is the super hero of the blog-e-sphere.

Not only does he create awesome art and produce an impressive blog and Etsy shop (not forgetting the zine) but his powers stretch to getting us all together on a regular basis and inspiring

We should make him a super hero cape

(perhaps grrl can knit him one).

As part of his latest call for action - I've been digging around and found this image which I took last year in a quaint old street in northern England. I love the way the shoes have been carefully displayed - they remind me of lttle birds. I love old shops they make such a refreshing change from globalised high streets or, worse still, the out of town shopping centres that my friend calls 'non places'. You know the type of places she means... places that suck out your soul. Motorway services stations, large corporate office buildings, banks, fast food restaurants. We need grrl to cover these places in knit and save our souls.

Anyway visit here to see the little man that owns this shop checking on his window and some of the other shops in this street.

thanks to Anne for this award

and check out her blog for a chance

to win some stamps.

I'm convinced that

making books is

good for the soul.

To counteract

the bad karma from any

shopping malls you may have visited
check out Karin's brilliant video

There's a chance to win a lovely book too!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

evidence of an orderly person

It might be hard to believe it when you look at this but in my head I am convinced that I am an orderly person - I mean I can write lists. I'm surprised i don't even have lists of lists. Look at this one at the front of last year's holiday sketchbook. Can you see how neatly I have crossed everything off?

and look how neatly I packed everything
into my little art bag ready for the journey.
This is evidence of
extremely organised behaviour and a good reason
why my (for the time being nameless friend)
shouldn't have my number in her moble phone under
Ms Clutter.

Look, the sketchbook was even divided up
into sections surely proving that
i am a meticulously organised being.

On line courses seem to be the rage and I bet
you'll all be lining up for my lessons in how to
live a life like this.

Monday, 20 July 2009

digging around

there's been a lot of excavating for buried treasure going on around blogland recently and there's more to come soon. I've been doing some digging around of my own recently as my protracted house move (I won't bore you with the details) gradually nears it's conclusion. Anyway, I found this canvas that I did last year - it was one of four I did but I haven't found the others yet!

it's only's some of the detail

and here's the finished piece

I've got to make's going to etsy.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Buried Treasure


Is there is anyone that doesn't know Seth and his call for buried treasure to be unearthed? I think not so I needn't explain anymore. I think he was one of (if not the) first person to find my blog and make comments. When we have the blog awards - i reckon he'll be first down the red carpet to pick up a well deserved award :o)

here's what i dug up


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

pink graffiti

i've been doing some stuff for a nine year old girl
and her granny

and, as my friend would say,
things around here have got a bit
(i love that word)

so when the spray paint and stencils
came out to play

it was hardly surprising that

the graffiti


I'll be baking cupcakes next.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

where there was mess

it's great to have a tiny bit of time to get things done in what is turning out to be the longest house and studio move in the history of disordered artists - but don't let these pictures of ultra organisation fool you, there are plenty of piles of mess to be dealt with.

Monday, 6 July 2009


over at grrl's place there's some
amazing knitting action
going on and
we can help with her yellow escapade.
I've had an on/off relationship with yellow.
For ages i hated it...
someone told me my chakra was blocked.
I'm kinda over that now and it's funny
that all the flowers
my students gave me at the end of term
were yellow.
What were they trying to say?
Is there a message here or just a coincidence?
I especially liked these sunflowers
and it's so kind of them to give me gifts
for just doing my job.

I've even been crocheting yellow

and this one's for Grrl
(subject to me posting it in time)

Can you guess what it is?

Saturday, 4 July 2009


i found this illustration at the local art college
end of year show. it really reminded me of
that Lynne so kindly sent me.
i also found this artist whose whole
project was all about
books and literature
and this carefully crafted
piece of writing caught my eye.

as well as the oversized books.

I've started making a few alterations
in this book which is going to be
one of my summer projects
now that term has finished
and i only have 843 jobs
on my list of things to do.