Saturday, 15 August 2009

work in progress 2

I've started this so i might as well finish it. I've just added another layer and will do some more when i get back from my holiday. Woo woo!

Friday, 7 August 2009

the woman inside the machine

i found this old art college book buried under a mountain of sketchbooks. we had a project where we had to take an object and dismantle it.
i chose a typewriter

when i took the cartridge inside it to pieces and read the tape (backwards)

i realised there was a woman in the machine.

her cv and letters etc were on that tape. it seemed like the typewriter was her tomb.

i felt a bit voyeuristic but it was in the name of art and if people can chop up sharks then it must be ok to read someones accidental memoirs..........

it's funny where we leave traces.

i have three more typewriters......

if you are at a loose end this weekend.. i thoroughly recommend smashing something up to see what's inside

this reminds me of another textiles project i did. where we had to deconstruct something to find inspiration

i'll show you that another day when i have ventured deep enough into the landslide of abandoned and unfinished art projects to find it!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

painting in progress

i don't usually mind that much what people say about my artwork
although i was very flattered once when someone who was wearing the
coolest shoes in the world bought a painting off me.
the truth is
the only person i am really trying to please

is that bad?

anyway. this effort doesn't really have much of
an effect on me at all. it's kind of
I'm doing it
and I'll probably
finish it.

i've been working on it in the living room,
on white sofas which might have a bit of
dark paint on them now.
it's been here for a week or so.
it's been interesting
observing people's reactions to it.
Most people look at it and ask
if i did it and then they just go ummmm!
A couple of people
said they liked it.
my reaction to their reaction?
is that bad?