Monday, 14 February 2011

sticker and book love

Forget smoochy nights, rose and chocolates.
I have fallen for my new
Lotta Jansdotter
stickers in a big way. I've been in love with stickers for a while
(If I could fight my way through all the debris
in my studio I would show you my sticker drawer,
brimming with stickery goodness).
These are just


some of them are in my new
moleskin like

The notebooks with little pockets to hide stickers in.

with nice lined paper just waiting to be scribbled on

just look at those end papers.mmmmmmmm.

did i mention i like stickers and books?
I hope your valentine's day is filled with such gorgeousness.


makiko hastings said...

Ahh Kate, did I mention that I am a huge fan of Lotta? (and she's been real popular in Japan for a decade) I love her newly lauched website too, full of good patterns :)
Valentine? What valentine? xm

e said...

Thanks for the peek at your wonderful things, Kate. I found myself liking those end papers, too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

This chick seems to be popping up a bit..

Now I DO have a tape drawer with cool colored tape, and love a good moleskin..

your books look fresh and full of promise.