Sunday, 1 January 2012

small things


it's nice to work big when space allows for it

it can be liberating

and bold

and a good way of using up lots of materials

that need using up.

but working small is good too

you can find beauty in tiny scraps of materials

and focus on small buttons

and titchy found precious stuff.

I've been making teeny-tiny zig-zag books

they fit in pockets and purses easily

handy for hospital visits.

they measure about 3cmX4cm

and, because they are so small,

maybe I should be selective about what goes in them.

I have this one to give-away.

To win it just leave a comment saying what

you would use a book this small for.

I'll pick a winner at the end of the week.



Leslie Avon Miller said...

synchronicity of small scraps!

I would use it for fingertip sized scraps of paper entirely too luscious to be lost in something big. and small words to go with.

happy new year 2012.


Carole Reid said...

I'd use it to draw a collection of small circles!
Happiness to you Kate in 2012! xo

Irene Rafael said...

i have a small tin box where i collect small ephemera. i would collage these into this little darling.

Irene Rafael said...
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e said...

Happy 2012 to you! What a beautiful object you've created. I hope it finds just the right home.

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, wow. I'm using the word titchy lots and lots this year. In fact, I may make it my word of the year!! No! I mean it!

here's what I'd use this lovely book for. I'd put titchy little words in it. When I hear a cool word or a word that sounds fun when you say it over and over or even a word that make me uncomfortable or a word that's not in any dictionary, I'll put it on a page and doodle all over it, and then it will be a titchy little word that one must look for in the maze.

Maybe I should give it to someone else, but I want it.


Happy New Year, you fabulous person!!

ArtPropelled said...

Your little book has set my imagination alight. Each page will be a visual haiku of treasured scraps and words...... or perhaps a little book of Basho .... or for quotes that inspire.

RosieK said...

Hello Kate and Happy New Year - I would use it for one of my journeys, scraps, jottings and doodles along the way - could be by train or a walk! Many creative adventures in 2012

Sophie Munns said...

well all I can think of is what you are using them for... hospital visits ... thats so lovely...!

WrightStuff said...

I love handmade books. I'm going to make one this year for this postcard challenge I'm joining in with. Details on Darcy's blog if you feel like joining us.

If I won this one, I'd fill it with inspiring quotes and reminders.

Amanda said...

So glad to have found your blog (popped over from Leslie's).
This is a gorgeous little mite. I would carry it with me in my bag and use it to sketch or note things that I see around me and want to remember for my art journal.
With best wishes for the new year.

ArtSparker said...

Happy New Year, Kate. Small moments are the most precious.

Anonymous said...

I've followed you from Leslie's place.

I am working small too, making journals.

Love the concertina book, not sure what I'd use it for.. maybe small thoughts for my small mind.

Lynda Howells said...

It is funny l don't like working small when l am painting but when l am making books, l love working small. I like to have a book with me all the time, to write in, draw or make notes. I am looking for a small book at the moment to put little drawings into, that l can use when making "matchbox" books! I would love to win this one, it is gorgeousxxxlynda
ps..who ever wins it.....good luck!xx
Happy New Year to youx lynda

Jo Murray said...

What a gem! Inspirational words seem to fit. A random page for each day. Perhaps tiny collages (I'd love that)... the possibilities are endless. Small sketches of friends?... a lovely keepsake.

lynne h said...

boy, i don't know kate. i was going to say small drawings until i read leslie's idea. maybe both!! bits of small paper and small drawings! i do have a lot of small bits of paper lately. i never like to throw them away.

i always love to see your posts... : )


deb said...

I'd make a pocket in a bigger book like a kangaroo pocket, then fill it with a secret!

Parabolic Muse said...

Well, I know that I have no chance of winning this NOW, but for goodness SAKES!! This is the damn cutest thing that a person could win!

You are so sweet and generous.

I like little small things. I'm finding that my doodles in the Sketchbook Project are getting smaller and smaller! I wonder what that's about?!

(plus, a person needs more of them to fill the page)